Sunday, March 13, 2016

Inexpensive Bead Storage Idea

If you are like me and have a bunch of beads lying around this post could be helpful to you. For some time now, I have been trying to find an inexpensive and neat storage solution for all of the beads I have collected over the many years. I love looking at beads, collecting them and using them for the occasional craft projects.
I find this storage solution is intended for people that do not use their beads too often but rather have them tucked away most of the time. This storage solution cost me a total of $10.00.  I found most of the items at the Dollar Tree.
Upon completion of this project I cannot tell you how relieved I felt to have all my beads in order.

Items used: 
Plastico Storage Basket $1.50
Zip -Lock Polybags by CraftMedley (1.5 in x 2 in) $1.25
Zip -Lock Polybags by CraftMedley (3 in x 4 in) $1.25
Avery Colour Coding Labels around $6.00

Happy Organizing :)

Bead Organization

Small Zip-Lock Polybags from Dollar Tree

Avery Colour Coding Labels

Adding Titles

Staying Organized While Organizing can make or break an organizing project. I will be making a post in the future going into more details about this subject. This project can be quite time consuming, therefore this project was completed in 2 stages. After completing the first stage, I neatly placed all unfinished and unlabeled items in an organized fashion. This way picking up the project for stage 2 was a breeze. 

 I am storing my beads in a simple white basket from the Dollar Store

Neat and Tidy

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Papers can pile up rather quickly if they don't get filed accordingly every day. Therefore, if papers pile up day in and day out in the same area can lead to something like this (see picture below). :(
I created a step by step visual post on how I organized this particular case. 
Life is hectic for most of us, cleaning up a messy pile can be the last thing on ones to do list. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful week!  :) 

This is a painful mess for the eyes!

First, I create physical labels for this particular organizing project. These labels are merely for visual purposes. It can help the process to make more visual sense and motivate to keep moving along with the organization process. 

My next step is to create separate piles for each physical label. 
The particular categories for this project are: 
Hard goods, school work, art work, admin and throw-out. 

I need 3 coloured folders and 1 extra, just in case. 

These little plastic label holders come in really handy. 

Let's start labeling with a proper pen :)

All done with the labeling

Now comes the fun part. I am placing the piles into their corresponding folders. 

This step may seem inessential, however, in the contrary,I find this makes a vast difference in keeping things neat and tidy. Instead of leaving the papers all jammed, I turn them properly so that all sides fit nicely into the folder. 

Voila, everything is organized and my eyes are relieved 
Thank you so much for reading my post and I hope I was able to inspire you. :)

Friday, January 15, 2016


Makeup is one of the many things that tends to collect over time in either the bathroom or elsewhere inside the home. I, like many other beauty product addicts, love experimenting with new products on the market. It can get quite overwhelming if products pile up over the year(s) and eventually taking over the space in the home. I have been on a mission lately to tackle this issue and come up with an easy organizing solution.

                      5 Simple Steps:   Step 1.  Assess
                                                                  Step 2.  Categorize
                                                                  Step 3.  Discard *
                                                                  Step 4.  Clean
                                                                  Step 5.   Store


Step 1. Assessment
Taking A Good Look At The Overall Problem

The problem is real and here for you to see. My makeup hoarding has grown out of control (for my standards) over the past few months. Thankfully, I am a big believer in the basket system. I have learned over time to (at least) place items into  baskets right away when disorganization starts to creep up on me. There are times when I lack time or don't feel like organizing the proper way and therefore storing products in a simple basket works fine for the time being. Then, when the right time, motivation  or opportunity arises, I take my time to organize the accumulated mess properly. So today I am ready to take a good look at what could become a better and prettier storage solution.

I am ready to tackle this issue at hand.

I empty my basket and spread out all the items. I want to get a good look at all the products so that I can organize them properly. 

                                                                     Step 2. Categorizing 

I created 4 cateories (labels) for working in sections. I work on the ground as it is spaceous and very viewable. 

First Category is TOOLS. In this category are all my makeup brushes, nail files etc.

My next category is SKINCARE. 

MAKEUP is another category.

Step 3. Discard*

I am re-using my empty bin. Once each category is organized I go through each category and pick out the items that can be discarded immediately. If I am unsure at this stage on whether to discard the item or not I will keep it in the created category.

Step 4. Cleaning Each Item (Products)

Cleaning my makeup products is a crucial step in keeping myself motivated to keep going. Many makeup brands use black packaging, Since black is a pretty and chic color, if not properly cleaned often, they will look unappealing and dirty on the makeup counter.

Don't forget to clean the inside of your makeup products. They will look like right off the shelf again! 

Yikes :( :(  Here is what I mean by dirty and unclean. 

All cleaned and ready to be organized.

Next I will be cleaning my brushes thoroughly. 

                                                                  Step 5. Choose your Storage

For this particular organizing project I am using an Acrylic 3 Drawer Container found at a garage sale.

I play around with ideas on how to best fill my drawers. This first option doesn't work for me since my makeup section needs more than one drawer.  

This is  the better option. It will leave me with two drawers for my makeup and one for my tools. I will be storing my skincare on top of the box. 

Now, I add the items into the drawers as neat as possible.

The project is complete. This will keep me more organized and efficient while carrying out my daily makeup and skincare routine.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


This past weekend I had the chance to visit a Christmas Market nearby my town. The streets were full of people shining off their holiday spirits. So far the weather has been mild during this late-fall therefore bundling up has been kept to a minimum. I am getting truly excited about the upcoming holidays and therefore allowed myself to buy some extra decor and holiday food items at my local Christmas Market.

Christmas Market Outfit :
A basic A-lined denim skirt, knitted, black sweater, plain black turtleneck and dressy patent leather shoes. For my accessories I chose a black wool hat and a really really soft wool scarf.

My Holiday Nail Polish Cocktail: 3 layers of China Glaze in the colour Diva Bride and 1 layer of Nails Inc. in the colour Chelsea Square.

My Favourite Holiday Drink: White hot sugar cookie chocolate

Just came back from the Christmas Market. My bag is packed full of goodies. I found some really cute decor items for the  big day. 

As I left the Christmas Market, I had to have a WHITE SUGAR COOKIE HOT CHOCOLATE.!!! The most delicious drink I have ever tasted. On my nails a mix of China Glaze and Nails Inc. (see last picture for more)

I purchased some mores super adorable, white ceramic birds which I fell in love with at last years Market.

My white ceramic bird, golden holiday leaves and my all time favourite Kate Spade  Bow bracelet. 

I am wearing an A-line denim skirt, a knitted sweater, black turtle neck and a winter floral wool scarf. My golden tote I received last year from a purchase with purchase at my local Sally Beauty Supplies store. 

Christmas Market Outfit :)

I also picked up a gorgeous gold toned pot  for my winter cactus collection. 

My nail polish cocktail ingredients: 3 layers of China Glaze in the colour Diva Bride and 1 layer of Nails Inc in the colour Chelsea Square. 


Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Happy December to Everyone,

Today's post is quite sweet and tender. Recently, I have developed a love for make-believe foods. With this I mean, such as delicious smelling gingerbread candles. I purchased myself a gingerbread candle at Walmart. I am quite sensitive and picky when it comes to scented candles, however, this one is extremely delicious. I am also  loving my "fake" doughnuts sitting on my kitchen counter. They are so cute and a perfect eye-candy. As the holidays are approaching, temptations are everywhere. I find myself ordering minted peppermint lattes and creme brule coffees more and more.

For my #OOTD I am wearing a Gap sweater (thrifted), Bearpaw boots, Gap jeans and my favourite Kate Spade bracelet.

One little thing I have learned over the years is to involve all of the senses while eating a meal. Certain foods such as cookies and doughnuts CAN be enjoyed either while ONLY using ones sense of smell (such as a candle) or sight (such as pretty "fakes").
 Let me know if you have any "fake" food favourites, What do you think of pretend foods?
The smell of this gingerbread scented candle is perfect for the holiday season. 

  Gingerbread scented candle from Walmart and 'fake' doughnuts that I found at my local dollar store.

The perfect and guilt-free eye-candy for ANYTIME!!

Holiday tip: enjoying sweets with your sight and smell only every once in a while can help fight the cravings :) Temptations!! Chocolate, sugar glazed and sprinkled doughnuts.

OOTD: Gap sweater (thrifted) and Bearpaws!

Gap Jeans

A cozy outfit for cold, late-fall weather. 

I am wearing my Kate Spade bracelet 

Kate Spade bracelet